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Start Your Day the Mediterranean Way – Part 3 of 4

Start Your Day the Mediterranean Way

Let’s continue to blur the lines of day parts even further by talking about Gyros for breakfast.  Kronos is famous for our Gyros – a Greek inspired blend of beef and lamb with traditional spices that is most commonly cooked on an open rotisserie-style broiler and sliced.  The juicy slices are served on pita and topped with Tzatziki sauce, tomatoes and onion.   The Gyros sandwich transitioned from an ethnic street food to one of the most recognizable “fast” foods across the nation.  And today we are introducing Gyros to breakfast.

When I’m dining out in the morning, one of my personal favorites is breakfast skillets.  This is typically a very hearty meal that comes in a variety of flavors and ethnicities including Greek, Hispanic, and Italian.  Traditionally served with hash brown potatoes on bottom, then layered with various vegetables, meats and cheeses – then topped with eggs, prepared to your liking.

If you’re already serving Gyros on your lunch and/or dinner menus, why not shake things up by substituting the more common Italian sausage, ham, or corned beef with Kronos traditional Gyros?  Start with cooked diced potatoes, and then top with sautéed onions, red bell peppers, spinach, olives, garlic and tomatoes.  Next add freshly carved Kronos Gyros meat and crumbled feta cheese – and finally top with a couple eggs over easy.

As we have discussed in my previous breakfast blogs, the foodservice industry is buzzing about breakfast and more specifically it is buzzing about Gyros for breakfast.  After experiencing a Gyros Omelet for the first time, Max Falkowitz, a national food editor for Serious Eats, says it best, “Gyros meat makes a great sandwich…I’m convinced its ultimate destiny is to be cooked with eggs.”

Stay tuned for my final breakfast blog where we will discuss another Mediterranean staple, Flatbreads.

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