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Start Your Day the Mediterranean Way – Part 2 of 4

Start Your Day the Mediterranean Way

In Part 1 we discussed how the breakfast segment is growing in the foodservice industry and how you can use Kronos Greek yogurt to capitalize on this trend.  Today we will take Greek yogurt and hummus to the next level to show you how to target a specific audience on your breakfast menu.

Millennials will soon be the most influential group in the foodservice industry.  According to the NRA they currently make up 22-24% of restaurant spending and that number is set to spike to 40% by 2020.  An easy way for restaurants to grab a share of the growing breakfast segment is to attract and retain traffic from this growing group by catering to their needs.

So what do Millennials want for breakfast?  Millennials continue to blur the boundaries between day parts.  They want to order whatever, whenever they want.  And 40% of Millennials order something different every time they visit a restaurant because they view food as an opportunity for exploration. (Sterling Rice Group research).

So let’s give them what they want!  We will blur the boundaries of day parts by serving hummus for breakfast.  And we will definitely give them something new and unique to try on your menu for their next visit.

Hummus is a common dish in the Mediterranean diet almost always served as a savory dip for afternoon or evening dining occasions.  So let’s think outside the box and create a delicious, high protein hummus that is perfect for breakfast!  I recommend starting with canned chickpeas that are specifically processed for hummus.  These beans have higher moisture, and have typically been cooked longer to degrade the outer husk.  This style of chickpea will produce a much smoother finished texture, requiring less time and subsequent temperature abuse in the food processor.  Start with a #10 can of chickpeas, drain and add to your food processor.

Next add 1 cup real maple syrup, 2 cups Kronos non-fat Greek yogurt, 1 cup light brown sugar, 2 Tbsp vanilla extract, ¼ cup ground cinnamon, and salt to taste.  Pulse the food processor until the hummus becomes smooth and creamy.  Top with toasted nuts, raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  I would suggest serving alongside pita bread, sliced bananas, or your favorite dipping fruits such as strawberries, apple wedges or sliced melon.  Feel free to get even more adventurous, and add crunchy peanut butter or Nutella spread to the hummus – your customers won’t be disappointed.

Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day I will have two more blog entries next week discussing more ways for you to stay on trend in this segment.  We will discuss Kronos staple items that are always crowd pleasers – gyros and flatbreads!

Keep Food Fun,

Chef Nick


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