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It’s our—and your—recipe for success.

We’re a global food company—one with a rich tradition and heritage in Mediterranean cuisine. Our passion is constantly pushing us forward, striving to seek new culinary avenues, new tastes, new ways of preparing foods—and new ways of ensuring your success.

Leaders With A Strong Legacy

Kronos and Grecian Delight—growing a culinary powerhouse

We may have individually started with Greek fare, but together, we’re serving up world flavors. The power of our merger has resulted in the creation of the premier provider of global cuisine, one that’s focused on constant innovation, exotic tastes and the anticipation of trends. The watchword for us: Authenticity. Authenticity in our flavor profiles. Authenticity in our partnerships. The combined might of our company is continually synonymous with culinary delight.

Uncover our secret to pleasing palates for decades.

Even though we’re a growing company, you can be sure we are the same one—only better. For over a century, we’ve introduced our customers to delicious products, ingredients and flavors from around the globe.

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Pushing the boundaries of global cuisine.

We’re passionate about our classics and equally excited about what’s next. Our ambition to create and innovate makes it easy for you to bring fresh food experiences to customers’ plates.

Assurance–from creating and packing to plating.

Maintaining high standards for food quality is at the heart of what we do. Our SQF Level 3 certification ensures the safety of our product lines and results in your peace of mind.

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