We’re dedicated. To you.

From our humble beginnings to domination in the global cuisine marketspace, we’ve focused on one thing: our customers’ needs. From helping the local restaurant with signage and support to sharing innovation opportunities with the largest chains, retailers and distributors, we help our customers thrive.

Combined might = culinary delight

GDK Foods is the result of merging two Mediterranean food powerhouses: Grecian Delights (and the Opaa! brand) and Kronos. For Grecian Delight, it all started in 1974 by Chicago entrepreneur Peter Parthenis. His passion for food, innovation and vision brought the gyro sandwich from the Greek restaurants of Halsted Street in Chicago to the American consumer across the United States.

Likewise, in 1975 Chicago entrepreneur Chris Tomaras had a vision for Kronos…and rolled up his sleeves to make gyros and Mediterranean foods for restaurants. Quickly, that vision became a reality and soon expanded into creating ethnic cuisine for distributors, operators and other food service sectors.

Today, GDK Foods has a global reach with customers:

In more than ten countries

Across 400 foodservice distributors

In more than 30,000 independent and national chains

In the top 40 retailers in the United States

So we only have one question: What can we do for YOU today?

Innovation: the heart of our products

As a global cuisine leader, we are constantly in the kitchen sampling, testing, trying and devising new recipes and new products to bring global flavors to consumers.

Three locations to build your business

We have three full-service manufacturing centers located in the heart of our country, offering a convenient distribution point to cover the entirety of our United States.

1201 Tonne Road
Elk Grove Village, IL

1301 Estes Ave
Elk Grove Village, IL

One Kronos Drive
Glendale Heights, IL

Quality. Guaranteed.

Our state-of-the-art facilities have consistently achieved SQF Level 3 Certificates for their comprehensive food safety and quality programs. Our customers—and yours—can always rely on the quality and safety of our entire products.

SQF Level 3 Certification

Recognized as a Standard Under the Global Food Safety Initiative


Meat products are Certified by USDA


Compliant Food Security Program
Achieves Highest Level of Consumer Safety


Beef & Poultry Gyros Produced According to Islamic Rites when Bearing Logo


Bakery and Dairy Products are Certified Kosher and Pas Yisroel when Bearing Logo

Careers at GDK Foods

We’re constantly growing. That means we’re constantly looking for the best and brightest to help us achieve our goals—people who want a thriving career with a thriving company. We offer competitive wages, attractive benefits and a fun and friendly environment designed to help you reach ever higher while the company does the same.

Our channels

We bring global foods to a wide variety of away-from-home venues, like restaurants, retail foodservice, and non-commercial segments. We also provide products and solutions to the grocery channel for consumers to enjoy at home. No matter where we reach, the customer is at the heart of our business. 

GDK Foods in the news

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