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Parthenis Family and Entrepreneural Equity Partners Merge Kronos Foods and Grecian Delight

Grecian Delight Kronos Merger Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 7, 2020 PARTHENIS FAMILY AND ENTREPRENEURAL EQUITY PARTNERS MERGE GRECIAN DELIGHT AND KRONOS FOODS CHICAGO, IL – APRIL 7, 2020— The two leading providers of authentic Mediterranean and globally- inspired cuisine are coming together to leverage strengths based on an agreement between Grecian Delight, a […]

Redefining Pizzeria Menu Concepts

In keeping with the theme of showcasing the endless versatility of KronoBROIL® Gyros Slices, we developed some unique recipes targeting the country’s fastest growing menu category among fast casual restaurants – pizza! (Foodservice Trends, Mintel 2017) Now you might be asking yourself…“Why put gyros, a traditionally Greek food and unusual pizza topper, on something as […]