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Start Your Day the Mediterranean Way – Part 4 of 4

Start Your Day the Mediterranean Way

As the competition heats up in the breakfast segment, we see almost all restaurateurs adding a breakfast sandwich to their menu.  Breakfast sandwiches are extremely versatile and adaptable to current trends.   For example, a trend we are spotting today is consumers are looking to trade in the traditional breakfast breads such as toast, bagels and croissants for flatbreads which are perceived as a healthier option.

As the industry leader in pita bread, we’ve created a delicious and versatile new multigrain flatbread that could be used for breakfast sandwiches and in a variety of other breakfast applications.  Our new flatbread measures 6”x6” and contains generous portions of whole grain flour, oat bran, quinoa, wheat germ, rye meal and millet.  But make no mistake; the health benefits of our new multigrain flatbread do not outweigh its great taste and performance.

Create the perfect breakfast sandwich by heating the flatbread on a flattop or warm skillet.  Then spread a thin layer of Kronos Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, followed by eggs – scrambled with fresh spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions.  Layer the egg mixture on top of the hummus spread and finish the sandwich with a sprinkle of Kronos Feta Cheese.

Even more interesting might be a breakfast “pizza” using our new 6”x6” multigrain flatbread.  Start with a moderately warm skillet and olive oil – then place the flatbread in the skillet once off the heat.  This will begin to crisp the bottom of the pizza while you continue to build the toppings.  Next spread a layer of shredded sharp cheddar cheese, followed by oven-roasted red onions, bell peppers, tomatoes and sweet corn.  Finish off this breakfast pizza with chopped Applewood smoked bacon, and a freshly poached egg.  Place the skillet in a 375°F oven for 5 minutes, or long enough to melt the cheese and allow the poached egg to firm up slightly.  When finished, top with freshly snipped chives and a dash of your favorite hot sauce.

As restaurant menus across the country continue to evolve, it’s evident that the fast-growing breakfast trend is here to stay.  While Kronos will always be a leader in producing Greek influenced staples like gyros, pita and tzatziki sauce; we are committed to remain on-trend and build our product portfolio as we continue to “define” Mediterranean foods.

Keep Food Fun,

Chef Nick


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