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Seasonal Favorites with Mediterranean Flare

During this time of the year, I find it fun to create holiday-inspired offerings by putting a “twist” on core ingredients while still using classic preparation techniques. As the leaves begin to fall, people get excited about spending time with family and sharing seasonal favorites such as turkey with stuffing, potatoes with giblet gravy and other traditional fixings.

Start Your Day the Mediterranean Way – Part 2 of 4

In Part 1 we discussed how the breakfast segment is growing in the foodservice industry and how you can use Kronos Greek yogurt to capitalize on this trend. Today we will take Greek yogurt and hummus to the next level to show you how to target a specific audience on your breakfast menu. Millennials will soon be the most influential group in the foodservice industry.

Hummus is Among Us

The world continues to crave hummus – a delicious and healthy food made by pureeing cooked garbanzo beans (chickpeas) with tahini paste, oil, garlic, lemon juice and traditional spices.

Tis’ the Season for Appetizer Ideas

During the holiday season, it is always fun to take traditional recipes and put a “spin” on them by incorporating new and interesting ingredients.

Hummus – The Versatile Alternative Becoming a Mainstay

Mediterranean cuisine offers a number of great meal options, but one staple has become an increasingly popular item over the past few years: hummus. With the perfect blend of chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice and traditional spices, hummus has quickly become an on-trend product used in a multitude of ways. Whether you use it to dip, spread or to jazz up your recipes, I will show you a few ways to incorporate hummus into your current menu options for an added flair.

Condiments – Removing Unwanted Calories

Yes, it is true that condiments often make a meal, but they are also the source for a number of hidden calories that can bring a would-be healthy meal option into the caloric “danger zone”. Mayo and sour cream are two common “hidden calorie” offenders. Sure, they add flavor, but they also bring along unnecessary calories and cholesterol. Today, I will introduce you to Kronos Fat Free Greek Yogurt – a perfect substitute that will enhance some of your menu items by keeping the calories down, without sacrificing flavor or texture.