Superior flavors.

Perfect seasoning. Ready to eat.

Whole-muscle meats answer consumers’ demands for higher-quality cuts of meats when dining away from home. The true Mediterranean flavor and traditional artisan-stacked techniques appeal to today’s adventurous eaters who are looking for an authentic ethnic experience that they cannot create in their own kitchens. Our high-quality hand-stacked chicken shawarma is so versatile it can be used in traditional sandwiches, for salads, platters, pizzas and appetizers. Available in traditional hand-stacked cones and flame broiled and carved slices.

Old World Shawarma Cones
Made in the Old World butcher tradition of hand-stacking whole-muscle meats that have been delicately seasoned and marinated, then vertically roasted to bring out the flavor and quality of the meat.

ReadyCarved® Off-the-Cone Hand-Stacked, Whole Muscle Slices
ReadyCarved® Off-the-Cone Slices are a perfect blend of global proteins and spices that have been flame-broiled to a partial cook and individually quick frozen, enabling you to freshly prepare the Off-the-Cone slices at unit level on the flattop grill, in an oven or even a microwave. ReadyCarved® Off-the-Cone slices are flame-broiled and cone carved for the very best taste in authentic ethnic proteins.

Spec Sheet
Hand-Stacked, Whole Muscle Cones
MEL267Natural Halal Chicken Shawarma Cone1/20 lbs.80/4 oz.21 lbs.
ME000003Traditional Chicken Old World™ Gyro Cone1/20 lbs.80/4 oz.21 lbs.