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Opaa! ReadyCarved® Beef & Lamb Gyros Slices
Shoppers flock to this classic combination of beef and lamb. It’s expertly seasoned with our distinctive blend of zesty, traditional spices and carved off the cone for the taste generations of Gyros lovers have come to expect.

Opaa! ReadyCarved® Pork Al Pastor Slices
Al Pastor is trending all over the U.S. Our premium, hand-stacked pork slices are marinated in the sweet and spicy flavors of traditional Al Pastor, then flame-broiled and carved off the cone.

Opaa! ReadyCarved® Chicken Shawarma
With the explosion in global flavors happening throughout the country, shoppers are looking for the comfort—and convenience—of the familiar tastes of home, or to go on a flavor adventure without having to leave home. And our Chicken Shawarma provides both.

Opaa! ReadyCarved® Mediterranean Chicken Slices
Shoppers love the taste of our flame-grilled, expertly seasoned Mediterranean Chicken. With a classic flavor profile that’s stacked and carved off the cone, these convenient slices work great in a variety of applications.

Opaa!® Beef & Lamb Gyros Slices
Our gyros expertise is borne out by these delicious, in-demand classic beef and lamb gyros slices. A decades-kept secret of Mediterranean herbs and spices gives these slices a classic flavor profile that shoppers love.


Pack/Unit Approx
Spec Sheet
ME000210Opaa! ReadyCarved™ Gyro Slices9/12 oz.6/2 oz.7.75 lbs.
ME000209Opaa! ReadyCarved™ Pork Al Pastor Slices9/12 oz.6/2 oz.7.75 lbs.
ME000208Opaa! ReadyCarved™ Chicken Shawarma Slices (Halal)
9/12 oz.6/2 oz.7.75 lbs.
ME000207Opaa! ReadyCarved™ Mediterranean Chicken Slices9/12 oz.6/2 oz.7.75 lbs.
MEL06158Opaa!® Precooked Gyros Slices12/12 oz.6/57 g.10 lbs.
ME000218Opaa! Beef & Lamb Gyro Slices12/8 oz.4/2 oz.7.5 lbs.