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Battle of the Spicy Burger

The spicy chicken sandwich was in the spotlight for so long, but it looks like there’s a new spicy competitor- spicy burgers! Read the full article Battle of the Spicy Burger >>

Datassentials, the Burger Ingredient MAC chart supports this trend. Ingredients in the proliferation stage: sriracha, chipotle, jalapeno, chili, and buffalo. Then, in the early stage of inception: harissa, tzatziki, tahini, hummus, gochujang, and poblano.

Giving multiple menu applications for sauces will help with the cost challenge and give operators more diversity to their menus, according to the Datassential Keynote Burger report. “Controlling the cost of ingredients was reported as the top challenge operators faced when menuing burgers. But still, only 13% claimed that using ingredients in their burgers that aren’t used in other dishes posed a difficulty. Operators have an expanded opportunity to fit even the most unusual ingredients used in other dishes onto their burgers —and they likely would find a happy audience.”

This is an excellent application for our full line of versatile sauces featuring Skhug, Harissa, Feisty Feta, just to name a few. See our full line of sauces, dips & spreads. Visit our recipe center for more ideas on how to cross utilize sauces on your menu!

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