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Introducing KronoBROIL® Gyros Slices

There has never been any doubt that gyros are one of the most delicious ways to experience authentic food from the Mediterranean. When you are lucky enough to find hot and juicy gyros that have been broiled to perfection and then freshly cone-carved to order, there is truly nothing better. Unfortunately the “world of gyros” hasn’t seen technological advancement or true innovation since its inception, over 40 years ago. So unless your operation has been utilizing high capacity vertical broilers, operated by a skilled carving chef…you’ve most likely been shortchanging your guests as it relates to delivering the highest quality gyros with great flavor and texture.

As we continue to “define Mediterranean” and deliver the first technology of its kind to the United States, I am proud to introduce KronoBROIL® flamed cooked, cone carved authentic gyros slices from Kronos!

Our custom designed infrared broilers utilize laser-guided robotic slicing arms, which precisely carve authentic gyros slices – delivering mouthwatering flavor, consistent color and unmatched texture. These delicious, fully cooked slices can be reheated in a variety of ways including flattop grills, microwaves and steamers.  Now, despite your kitchen’s inability to vertically broil large gyros cones, you can always deliver on your promise to serve only the finest, most authentic Kronos gyros!

– Chef Nick

Click here to see video of our new technology>>

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