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“Gyros” of the BIG Game

It’s once again that exciting time of the year when fans gather around the big TV’s to cheer-on their favorite team, while feasting on delicious bar eats and their favorite libations. Having a great starting lineup of specialties on your menu is a perfect way to draw large groups of frenzied fans to your restaurant or sports bar. But why not use the “Big Game” atmosphere as an opportunity to shake things up, think outside the lines…and score major points with your guests?!?

Loaded cheese fries are always a favorite of those gathering around sporting events – so let’s replace some of the ingredients from last year’s playbook with perennial all-stars from Kronos. Start with slicing our gyros from a rotisserie-style cone or use our precooked slices for more convenience. Chop the sliced gyros into bite size pieces and sauté with diced onions and red bell peppers. Once the onions are translucent, drain this mixture and reserve the rendered fat for later. Next, deep fry your favorite French fry, tater tot, or waffle fry until crispy and golden brown. Toss the hot fries in a mixing bowl with a dash of kosher salt, grated parmesan cheese, and a tablespoon of the reserved gyros drippings. For service – pile the fries high on a plate and top with the sautéed gyros, onion and peppers. Then add chopped scallions, freshly diced tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese. Convert the extra point by serving the fries with a side of our tzatziki sauce or Kronos White Satin™ for dipping!

Every football fanatic loves a great cheeseburger; and I have a delicious stuffed-burger idea that is sure to go the distance. Start with two 4 ounce portions of ground sirloin and create two flat patties on your cutting board. Now take the same chopped and sautéed gyros/onion/pepper mixture we used above; place 1 ounce in the middle of one burger patty, and top with a ½ ounce of feta cheese. Finally, place the other burger patty on top and press firmly around the outer edges to seal the two patties together. Sear the burger on both sides using a hot flattop grill or a skillet; and finish cooking the burger over medium heat to your desired doneness. For service – start with a toasted brioche bun and smear Kronos tzatziki sauce on the top half. Build the burger using fresh lettuce, tomato and sliced red onion; then top with a dollop of Kronos Roasted Red Pepper hummus. Bold prediction…these bigtime flavors and textures will result in a unique cheeseburger that is quite simply out of bounds!

Enjoy the Big Game,
Chef Nick


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