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Hummus is Among Us

The world continues to crave hummus – a delicious and healthy food made by pureeing cooked garbanzo beans (chickpeas) with tahini paste, oil, garlic, lemon juice and traditional spices.  This “base” hummus can then be altered in many creative ways by adding ingredients such as red peppers, pine nuts, roasted eggplant, etc.  There is really no limit to the flavor options, as hummus is a palatable backdrop that lends itself to many bold flavors and vibrant colors.

The R&D team has recently developed a new flavor that we are very excited to introduce.  Our new Chipotle Hummus is a great complement to our current range of flavors, and offers a very relevant option for restaurant menus.  Chipotle peppers are actually jalapenos that have been dried, and then smoked.  We use chipotle peppers that have been preserved in adobo sauce.  Adobo sauce is a Hispanic marinade which combines paprika, oregano, salt, garlic, and vinegar – and serves to preserve raw meats or in this case cooked vegetables/peppers.  Our hummus is rich and very flavorful; boasting a natural smoky flavor and a mild, lingering heat.  The adobo sauce adds just enough paprika and oregano to give the hummus a sweet, herbaceous quality.  While this new hummus is perfect as a dip, we find that the combination of sweetness, heat and smokiness make it a perfect spread for a burger or grilled chicken sandwich.  It offers a healthy, flavor-packed alternative to mayonnaise and/or cheese.

Keep Food Fun,

Chef Nick

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