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Kronos Italian Beef

Italian beef is a Midwestern staple, perfect for holidays, summer BBQs or just a hearty, convenient meal.  For the highest quality product and ease of preparation, Kronos’ new Italian beef is the perfect choice and one that customers will ask for again and again.

Indeed, the making of Kronos’ Italian Beef involves a meticulous process and is the result of a keen attention to detail throughout every step of production.  In our Italian beef, we strive to deliver consistency in both flavor and color, ensuring every sandwich is uniform and delectable. Italian beef is at its peak when it is slow-cooked—a process that produces perfectly controlled flavor and quality.  Immediately after cooking, we chill the meat so that it achieves its optimum flavor.  This chilling process also helps set the color and enables the beef to retain its natural juices.

The au jus is an essential step in the preparation of a Kronos Italian beef, particularly when it comes to getting the flavor you expect from your finished sandwich.  Au jus is prepared with a hot cook process capturing maximum flavor from the traditional Italian spices which enhance the beef’s distinct and enticing flavor.  Kronos packages the au jus in a re-sealable tub, making it easy to store and use.  Consider adding Kronos and its quality philosophy to your menu—the more meticulous, the better the flavor.


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