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Condiments – Removing Unwanted Calories

Yes, it is true that condiments often make a meal, but they are also the source for a number of hidden calories that can bring a would-be healthy meal option into the caloric “danger zone”.  Mayo and sour cream are two common “hidden calorie” offenders.  Sure, they add flavor, but they also bring along unnecessary calories and cholesterol.  Today, I will introduce you to Kronos Fat Free Greek Yogurt – a perfect substitute that will enhance some of your menu items by keeping the calories down, without sacrificing flavor or texture.

Greek yogurt’s popularity has been on the rise with consumers.   In today’s age of menu transparency, Greek yogurt is a wonderful alternative that provides a number of health benefits without sacrificing flavor.  Kronos Greek Yogurt contributes twice the amount of protein found in “regular” yogurt, and is great source of calcium.   It also contains live active cultures and probiotics, which play a significant role in healthy digestion.

So you might be asking yourself, what makes Greek yogurt “Greek”?  In order to achieve that distinctive thickness and tart flavor found in authentic Greek yogurt, the milk protein solids must be separated or strained to remove the whey (liquid).  This process leaves behind a beautiful thick, silky product that now contains twice the amount of protein found in typical yogurts – with zero percent fat.

Kronos Greek yogurt is a perfect 1:1 substitute for mayonnaise and sour cream – providing the same creamy texture and flavor, with only a fraction of the calories.  Try our Greek yogurt in your favorite chicken, potato or pasta salad recipes.  Kronos Greek yogurt is also heat-stable, which means it works perfectly in cake batters, pancakes and even macaroni and cheese.

As you can see, the possibilities are truly endless.  So enjoying your favorite recipes can now be done so guilt-free, by removing those high calorie condiments and substituting Kronos Greek yogurt.  Please visit our website for more delicious recipe ideas.


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