Separately, Grecian Delight and Kronos were industry leaders. But together? Together we can take our combined experience and use it as a catalyst for culinary solutions geared toward our customers and their consumers. But we’re not content with heritage and history. Instead, we’ll continue to capitalize on our expertise and innovations to anticipate trends, create new product lines and—most importantly— grow your business. Year after flavorful year.

Two of the most well-respected, well-known category leaders around are now one. Grecian Delight and Kronos have come together and will continue to capitalize on our over century old history of creating innovative new products customers like you demand year after flavorful year.

Innovative products.
Authentic worldly flavors.

Our reach may have grown, but our roots are still the same: A passion for global cuisine. An intense desire to showcase new tastes. And a dedication to helping you grow market share, capture more customers and build brand loyalty. And while we now encompass a world of ethnic foods, we’re still grounded in these principles—principles that served us well since we debuted gyros in America in 1974.

Innovative product solutions.

In addition to leveraging our rich history to determine what’s next, our test kitchens are tuned in to consumer taste trends ensuring we deliver the custom solutions you need. As a result, our customers trust our innovation and leadership.

Menu Inspirations

A world of innovative flavor trends to meet customer needs.