The Power of
Social Media

The power of social media combined with your customers’ loyalty and willingness to help small businesses during this difficult time could make the difference you need! Read one restaurant’s story below.

Why the long line at King Gyro downtown?

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – In a week of social distancing, toilet paper hoarding, and endless hand washing, comes a story about the King Gyro downtown that should re-enforce two things that you probably already know about Fort Wayne.

The post appeared around noon Friday on 2GoFW, a Facebook group dedicated to up-to-date local restaurant, bar, brewery, and cafe listings during the stay-at-home mandate. 2GoFW already has more than 22,000 members, which is the first thing you know about Fort Wayne: we like to dine out.

The post says “Let’s help out!!” with a shared post attached below that describes the owner as “desperate” and “barely making it. “

Leyda Carmona was the person who shared the post on the 2GoFW page. She says she saw it on a wall, had a connection to the King Gyro on Goshen Road and posted it to help out.

Six hours later a video was posted showing cars lined up for blocks, waiting to get food at King Gyro on West Jefferson Blvd. The video was posted by Aaron Butts, executive chef at Copper Spoon across the street.

“It’s great to see. They are our neighbors and we support them,” he tells WANE 15.

That should tell you the second thing about Fort Wayne: we have an abundance of people with big hearts.

And just to make this story fit into the crazy viral times we’re now in, the original “King Gyro” post showed up four days earlier – Monday – from a woman posting about a location in Indianapolis.

She appears to have misread the initial post which mentions a different place – not “King Gyro” but “Gyro King.”

The closest one of those is in Toledo or maybe it’s the one in Houston or Sacramento, California.

Proof that when things go viral, it’s hard to unwind – but it seems to have a happy ending.


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