Part 1 - Help in Navigating Your Business Through COVID-19

Kronos Foods is Your Partner During This Difficult Time. We want to help our customers succeed during this uncertain and challenging time. As you are closing your dining rooms to adhere to government restrictions, we want to provide a list of suggestions and best practices for your operations and menu.

Day-to-Day Operations

Shift to Pick-up & Delivery
As dining rooms close across the nation, shift your business model to pick-up and delivery orders. Promote your services via on-site signage, social media and emails to your contact list. We are offering free posters to help you promote on-site. Click the link below to place an order. 

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Delivery Service
If you are not currently using a delivery service, such as Grub Hub or Door Dash, you may want to integrate one now. Some services are offering special pricing. To help restaurants during this challenging time, The services will be provided free of charge until July 1st 2020. Free services will be extended based on new information regarding COVID-19. Learn more here > >

Other Delivery Apps (visit websites for full details):
Favor – 0% commission
Grubhub – deferred commission (pay at a later date)
Uber Eats – $0 delivery fee to consumers but still full commission rate
DoorDash – 0% commission rates for NEW restaurants to their platform, reduced commission for their existing restaurants on the platform

Delivery Insurance
If you are implementing delivery through your own employees for the first time, be advised that you need to add delivery insurance. Contact your insurance company for more information.

If possible, start using tamper-evident packaging to give customers peace of mind. If tamper-evident packaging is not an option, get creative on ways to seal orders in your current packaging.

Customer Interaction/ Low-contact Take-out
Adhere to the CDC’s social distancing guidelines as strictly as possible. Designate a window for customers to pick up their order. If you do not have a drive-through or pick-up window, ensure your employees are wearing gloves to hand off orders whether it is in your dining room or in your parking lot.
To further put your customers at ease, we suggest posting a sign with your sanitation practices and precautions that your business is following to ensure safety and cleanliness. Have hand sanitizer visible and available for use for customers coming inside to pick up orders. Also consider single use pens when customers are signing receipts. After they sign, throw away the pens.


Your Menu

With limited labor and ingredients available, tailor down your menu to what you do best, your customer favorites. Focus on menu items that are most profitable, carry well for delivery and require the least prep work.

Promote Catering
With grocery store shelves empty, you can capitalize on catering. Offer family meal deals and enough for left overs so your customers don’t have to make another stressful trip to the grocery store.

Promote Gift Cards
Customers are willing to support their favorite small businesses. They may not be able to frequent your restaurant as much as they’d like to now, but they know they will be back in the future. Promoting and selling gift cards could help you offset some immediate financial difficulties.

Social Media & Advertising

Social media is more important now than ever before. Everyone is at home and you still have the ability to reach them. Let your brand’s personality shine! Share pictures of your employees cleaning, pictures of your menu items, pictures of your curb-side pick-ups! Let your customers know that you are still open and ready to serve the community!

Reach out to your local Chamber of Commerce to post a list of restaurants that are open for delivery on their website and social media.

Reach out to your local news and radio stations to try to get more coverage that you are open for business.

Utilize your contact list to send emails to your loyal customers.


Plan for the Future

Outline a plan and promotions to welcome customers back when you can re-open your dining room. It may be difficult to see past this difficult time but now is the time to plan. It is widely believed that consumers will gather at restaurants once this is over as they will want to get out and celebrate while enjoying their favorite foods. How will you welcome them back? Here are some ideas:

  •    Customer Appreciation Week
  •    Loyalty Cards
  •    Coupons
  •    Social Media Contests

Message from our Team

We are here to help. If you have questions or need further guidance please reach out to your Kronos sales or customer service rep. We may not have all the answers but we are here to figure it out together during this unprecedented time. Stay healthy.

-The Grecian Delight | Kronos Foods Team

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