COVID-19 Update

To our valued business partners,

Please allow us a quick moment to assure you of our commitment to and confidence in our safe work practices. We’ve already applied robust food and employee safety protections in our response to the coronavirus pandemic. We are deeply proud of our employees, our product and our brand, and we see this teamwork and pride contributing now to keep us working together, with you and for you.

Our confidence is rooted in our nightly, industrial level sanitation, our increased common area sanitation, and promotion of personal hygienic protections such as social distancing, hand washing and sanitizing. We are following all the federal and local recommendations and updates, and have even gone beyond. We have increased the sick time available to employees, providing them a safety net in order to ensure they are able to respond appropriately to exposure or illness. Those who prefer to work away from the office are making arrangements to do so. And we are instituting a double check for fever as employees come to work in our Glendale Heights facility. We are holding off on visitors and contractors coming to our facility for now, but we look forward to inviting everyone back when we are in the clear.

The White House and CDC recently issued a statement recognizing the criticality of food supply and encouraging a normal work schedule for the sector. That makes sense to us. We want to work. We want to supply you with great food and bold flavor. So we will continue to work with responsibility and pride, and we’ll post any updates here.

Grecian Delight | Kronos Foods team