culinary solutions to energize your business.

Your success is defined by how efficiently and cost-effectively you can create experiences that keep customers coming back. Our full line of authentic, easy-to-prepare, speed-to-table product solutions reduce the need for skilled labor and keep the focus on profitability. And our extensive experience allows us to create innovative menu and business-building solutions that set you apart from the competition. Guided by industry insights, our knowledgeable R&D commercialization team gives you speed-to-market performance with LTOs to help you capitalize on the latest trends. Fill out the form below to start the conversation with our team!


Maximize your menu with a world of premium proteins such as Gyros, Al Pastor, Kabobs and Italian Beef. Ordering multiple options from one source means it’s easier than ever to deliver flavorful fare that adventurous consumers love to order, eat and share.


Answering the booming demand for delicious vegetarian options means continued consumer loyalty. Take advantage of this trend without licensing and branding requirements. Plus, feel good about serving meat alternatives that are non-GMO and gluten free, with no artificial preservatives.


The perfect bread makes the meal! We offer a variety of shapes and sizes including folds, pockets and flatbreads. Reimagine wraps, sandwiches, sliders, pizzas, tasting platters and more. They make a tasty foundation to your signature breakfast, lunch and dinner sensations.

Sauces, Dips
& Spreads

A great way to spice up menus, dial up dishes, and let consumers customize their meals. Our vibrant sauces, dips and spreads add zest and international flair as toppings and sides, or as “secret” ingredients in your next recipes. The possibilities and profit potential are endless.


Discover mouthwatering flavors that can boost traffic and feed patrons’ need for memorable eating experiences. Versatile and easy to add to existing menus, our Mediterranean selections will keep guests coming back for more.

Custom product solutions

Want to bring your own vision to life? We’ll combine your food ideas and requirements with our capabilities and manufacturing processes to help create your next big breakthrough.