A new way to keep customers
coming back.

It's the world food they demand...served up a whole new way.

Consumers want more variety:

  • 39% want more variety in pre-marinated or pre-seasoned proteins.¹

  • 32% think pre-seasoned or pre-marinated proteins are worth the added price and see the value of premium, pre-marinated proteins.¹

Give them what they’re asking for with our complete line of pre-marinated, pre-seasoned and simple to prepare ReadyCarved® line: Pork Al Pastor, Mediterranean Chicken, Greek Gyros and Chicken Shawarma. Consumers just thaw, heat and serve for authentic ethnic cuisine without muss, fuss and headache.

77% of consumers actively purse unique and authentic flavors; more than half of consumers are trying global foods. 2

What’s more, Millennials and Gen Zers have a higher preference for spicy protein flavors.³ That’s a hallmark of our seasoned global cuisine line of ReadyCarved offerings. Each of our ReadyCarved® varieties make it easy for consumers to serve delicious and authentic fare—and given that today’s consumer is time-starved, these meats make for an easy, wholesome and entirely dynamic way to serve meals. It’s heat-and-eat simplicity that doesn’t taste simple. Instead, each variety is filled with slow-roasted, complex and satisfying flavor profiles, making them the foundation of new and adventurous offerings that will keep customers clamoring for more.

1 Kantar Profiles/Mintel 2021
2 Technomic CTR Global Trends 2020
3 Mintel 2021

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