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Almost every department can benefit from our easy-to-assemble Gyros Kit.

Now you can offer your customers authentic Greek food as a take-home option—without hassle or fuss—and make your grocery store a destination for busy people who want quality prepared meals.

We’re making it easy for you to build your revenue and increase repeat business with our Gyros Sandwich Kit. People love our authentic Gyros; In fact, consumer interest in Gyros has grown 30% in the last five years.1

Gyros Grab & Go Kit Makes 16 Servings

The kit uses restaurant-quality beef and lamb gyros meat. Comes with::

• Four 10oz. packs of Gyros meat
• two 8-count packs of 6-inch pita bread
• eight 3oz. cups of delicious tzatziki sauce
• eight labels with ingredients

You can break them down and reassemble them into a wide variety of serving sizes and meals. No waste. No complexities. No measuring, no cooking and no intensive prep time.

We make it simple to offer your shoppers satisfying, high-quality prepared take-home meals that are as close to homemade—and authentic—as possible.

1 Google Trends: five years ending February 2022 (overall trendline)

Get your business on the track to sustained growth.

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Consumer interest in Gyros has grown 30% in the last five years.1

We include everything you need to create delicious, authentic Gyros.

Easy to assemble for grab-and-go goodness.

A variety of serving options for utmost flexibility.