Greek Gyros:
30% Greater profit potential

See for yourself with our handy profit calculator.

Our ReadyCarved® line of Greek gyro slices offer operators the ability to differentiate their menus with craveable gyros, attracting a younger customer base with delicious and easy-to-prepare authentic world food. Simply thaw, heat in a microwave or flattop and serve. No equipment investment, no training of back-of-house staff, no broiling or carving or intensive prep. Now, you can see just how profitable adding ReadyCarved gyros can be to your menu, in comparison to other fare:

Calculate your profits

Gyro profits are +30% greater than a cheeseburger

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People are craving gyros. In fact, consumer interest in Gyros has grown 30% over the past five years1.


1 Source: Google Trends five years ending February 2022 (overall trendline)

Save time. Update menus.
Attract more people.

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