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We make it simple to expand your menu and build your business.

Grecian Delight and Kronos have a labor-saving and exceptional way for you to expand your menu, grow your business at the expense of your competition and secure your legacy as the restaurant that gives customers the world foods and exotic flavors they crave.

Our ReadyCarved® gyro slices come pre-cooked and seasoned, providing your kitchen the utmost in time-saving flexibility—simply thaw and heat on a flat-top or microwave. Customers  will think your restaurant slaved away all day in prep. And they are a great answer for the global foods demand as consumer interest in Gyros has grown 30% over the past five years1.

consumer interest in Gyros
has grown 30% over the past five years1

ReadyCarved® slices offer a higher quality, more authentic taste, texture and appearance. These fully cooked, ethnic varieties are designed for the more discriminating restaurant requiring a premium eating experience for its patrons— without the significant time and labor required to serve them.

It’s heat-and-eat simplicity that doesn’t taste simple. Instead, each variety is filled with slow-roasted, complex and satisfying flavor profiles, making them the foundation of new and adventurous menu items that will keep your customers clamoring for more.

1 Source: Google Trends five years ending February 2022 (overall trendline)

Save time. Update menus.
Attract more people.

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A product for every craving:

ReadyCarved® Gyros Slices

ReadyCarved Gyros from GDK Foods

Our traditional Gyros offer authentic taste, texture and appearance, for a premium eating experience.

ReadyCarved® Al Pastor

ReadyCarved Al Pastor from GDK Foods

Al Pastor is marinated, slow cooked to tender perfection, carved and quickly frozen to seal in flavor.

ReadyCarved® Mediterranean Chicken

Our Mediterranean Chicken is lightly herb-seasoned and roasted for a new take on a classic.

ReadyCarved® Korean BBQ Beef

ReadyCarved Korean Style BBQ Beef by GDK Foods

Korean-style Barbeque Beef uses sirloin slices marinated in a mixture of authentic flavors.

ReadyCarved® Carne Asada

Carne Asada is seasoned with traditional Mojo flavors like cilantro, lime, garlic, onion and a dash of Jalapeno pepper.

ReadyCarved® Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma features tender cuts of chicken breasts and thighs seasoned with the perfect balance of traditional flavors.