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We’re the smarter way to offer delicious world foods.

Grecian Delight and Kronos have a labor-saving and exceptional way for you to expand your menu, offering Gen-Zers and Millennials the world foods and exotic flavors they crave.

Our ReadyCarved® gyro slices come pre-cooked and seasoned, providing your kitchen the utmost in flexibility—simply thaw and heat on a flat-top or microwave. And they are a great answer for the global foods demand as consumer interest in Gyros has grown 30% over the past five years1. In fact, colleges and universities are 3x more likely to menu gyros than restaurants2.

Consumer interest in Gyros has
grown 30% over the past five years1

ReadyCarved® slices offer a higher quality, more authentic taste, texture and appearance. These fully cooked, ethnic varieties are designed for the more discriminating restaurant requiring a premium eating experience for its patrons— without the significant time and labor required to serve them.

Colleges and universities are 3x more
likely to menu gyros than restaurants2.

It’s heat-and-eat simplicity that doesn’t taste simple. Instead, each variety is filled with slow-roasted, complex and satisfying flavor profiles, making them the foundation of new and adventurous offerings that will keep your customers clamoring for more.

1 Source: Google Trends five years ending February 2022 (overall trendline)
2 Source: Datassentials MenuTrends 2022 

Save time. Update menus.
Attract more people.

Reach out to us and a sales representative will contact you. Let us know if you would like to try a sample.

A product for every craving:

ReadyCarved® Gyros Slices

ReadyCarved Gyros from GDK Foods

Our traditional Gyros offer authentic taste, texture and appearance, for a premium eating experience.

ReadyCarved® Al Pastor

ReadyCarved Al Pastor from GDK Foods

Al Pastor is marinated, slow cooked to tender perfection, carved and quickly frozen to seal in flavor.

ReadyCarved® Mediterranean Chicken

Our Mediterranean Chicken is lightly herb-seasoned and roasted for a new take on a classic.

ReadyCarved® Korean BBQ Beef

ReadyCarved Korean Style BBQ Beef by GDK Foods

Korean-style Barbeque Beef uses sirloin slices marinated in a mixture of authentic flavors.

ReadyCarved® Carne Asada

Carne Asada is seasoned with traditional Mojo flavors like cilantro, lime, garlic, onion and a dash of Jalapeno pepper.

ReadyCarved® Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma features tender cuts of chicken breasts and thighs seasoned with the perfect balance of traditional flavors.